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Be Green Contest

A good friend of mine who has been in the business of solid waste for years has been volunteering in a thrift shop.  She found that many of the articles of clothing that could not be resold were being thrown away ... straight into landfills.  Knowing that I have a quilt studio, she approached me in the hopes that we could "re-use" some of these items.  I loved the challenge and we began cutting and hand dyeing the fabrics to create this program...

The Contest
Purchase a bag of recycled scraps and use them anyway you'd like to create a work of art...quilts, dolls, stuffed animals, clothes, etc.  The only "rule" is that you must use 80% of the items in the kit and you are free to add any other fabrics, materials, items if you wish.    When you are done, take a photo and email it to starrynightprod@aol.com with the size, techniques used and a brief story of what the project means to you.  You can find the Recycle Kits HERE.  Supplies are limited.

Prizes and Judging
The deadline for entires is July 28, 2017.  
Submissions will be judged in multiple categories and there will be a wide range of prizes (to be announced soon).  
**Winning entries will be showcased in our booth at fall Quilt Market in Houston** 

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Starry Night Hollow has been serving quilters and fiber artists in the San Diego, CA, area since 2007, offering an unintimidating environment where learning and creativity thrive. In fact, inscribed on our studio wall is the invitation, “Dare to color outside the lines" …a call to all quilters to let their imaginations soar! We are located Read more...

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