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 Quilts for Sale

handmade quilts by kimberly rado

Each quilt comes to you straight from the hands of Kim, with a certificate of authenticity ensuring that each piece of art is truly unique.

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 Fly me to the moon

37” x 42”


A reproduction of a March Chagall painting in quilting cotton, velvet, silk, and organza, with beads, ribbon, Angelina fibers, and acrylic paint. Fly Me to the Moon has been taken around the world and featured in a French quilt show, as recorded on the label. The quilt shines from the paint, threads, and fabrics used, and has more detail the closer one looks. A 4” pocket on the back makes this ready to hang from a rod.

 Who are you?

11.5” x 12”


Who Are You? is a vibrant, intricately painted block. The quilt sparkles from shimmery paints and metallic threads as Alice and the Caterpillar sit among the foliage of Wonderland. A 2” pocket on the back makes this mini quilt ready to hang from a rod.

 don’t count your chickens

33” x 42”


This mini quilt comes from Kim’s Aesop’s Fables collection. The farmer’s daughter wears a dress of red, tonal velvet, and her long ric-rac hair cascades over her shoulders. The pail of milk she carries has spilled and now spells out the whole story of her and her chickens, hand-painted by Kim. The quilting emphasizes the background’s vines and fussy-cut flowers.

 tournee du chat noir

33” x 21.5”


Kim’s rendition of the classic French poster, all in quilting cotton.

 the little mermaid

45” x 37”


Silks, velvets, ribbons, acrylic paints, and lots & lots of hand embroidery make this little mermaid shine under the sea with her aquatic pals. Ribbon in the background mimics underwater currents, as does the wavy quilting. Her face is hand painted and her scales are three-dimensional.


31.5” x 26”


An earth-toned, nature-focused mini quilt, Tranquility features wools, velvets, trims, and a Crayola-drawn, heat-set face. Kim’s appliqué stitches stand out against the beautiful fabrics and truly make this a one-of-a-kind piece. A 1.75” pocket on the back makes this quilt ready to hang from a rod.

 little red: punchneedle

21.5” x 16”

Punched with high-quality yarn, this ominous scene has Little Red Riding Hood walking alone through a dark forest. The trees stand tall above her and an enormous wolf lurks in the background.

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