Starry Night Hollow


49” x 58”

An unlikely pair, an owl and a horse, graze through a flannel field in Kim’s BFF’s. The eyes of both animals are wool, and the backing is also flannel. The quilting is most beautiful in the rays of the sun, the centers of the flowers, and of course the gorgeous floral motifs in the borders.


50” x 58”

Two lushly appliqued French Bulldogs sit in Kim’s Frenchies, proving to everyone that they’re extremely good dogs. They have layers and layers of fabric — cotton, velvet, and wool — making up their curious faces. Kim’s quilting gives their fur texture, and the repeated colors in their fur and the border brings the whole quilt together.

 spherically pink

An early version of Kim’s classic Spherically Yours quilt. This piece features Kaffe Fassett’s Targets, Paperweight, and Shot Cottons, along with a gorgeous violet Aboriginal Dot. Kim’s beautiful, even applique stitches appear on the circles, and the swirly longarming gives life and motion to the quilt.

 barb’s bitchery

This mini art quilt is inspired by the Crabapple Hill quilt Hocuspocusville. The shop is painted and embroidered, with three witchy caps on display in the window. It has metalwork along the roof and shingles on each facade. The steps are a bit crooked, and the plants look dead, but that’s just the way this witch likes it. Be warned, though — there are no deals with Barb.

 starlite, starbright

This is an incredibly soft baby blanket. The seafoam minky on the back practically begs you to run your hand along it, and the pre-washed quilt drapes naturally around your arms or legs. Thirty of Kim’s signature wonky stars stand out against a beautifully ombred sky. Everything about this baby quilt invites you to wrap yourself or a small one up and dream for just a little longer.

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