Starry Night Hollow

 blythe spirit

25.5” x 23”

A young woman in a floral dress stands peacefully alone. She waves a veil through the air and her hair catches in the wind. The air and the ground shimmer around her, but through her closed eyes she does not notice.

This vibrantly colored mini quilt contains ribbon, Eric raw, sparkles, metallic thread, and lots of hand embroidery. Kim’s attention to detail is evident everywhere from Blythe’s tiny eyelashes to the even, symmetrical stitches on her veil.

 daphne the diva cat

52.5” x 33”

Originally part of Kim’s display for the 2016 Houston quilt market, Daphne the Diva Cat stands in front of a beautiful gradient, singing her heart out. Her features are lovingly painted, appliquéd, and embroidered, and her name stands out in beautiful letters beneath her. Kim’s vibrant quilting helps bring Daphne further to life, and, even though she is a diva, we still love to listen to her.

 jasper the jazzy cat

55.5” x 32.5”

Equipped with his saxophone, scarf, and beret, Jasper plays away the day. He stands in front of a beautiful gradient and was carefully made with painting, appliqué, and embroidery. His name stands out beneath him. Kim’s creative quilting

 a california halloween

42” by 36.5”

Four spooky friends and their pumpkin celebrate Halloween just as any Californian does — under a clear night sky on the beach! The ghost surfs a huge wave a striped bathing suit while the cat soaks up the moonbeams, and the witch reviews her book of spells next to them. Flannel & wool details and the flannel border make this quilt feel like fall, even if that means a California fall.

 rock out

42” x 52.5”

These must be the coolest mice on the planet! They bust all sorts of moves to their radio, wearing high-tops, glasses, fedoras, and funky-patterned shirts & pants. Their ears are three-dimensional, and the whole quilt bursts with energy.

 humpty dumpty

52.25” x 55.5”

Lucky for Humpty, he still sits on the wall in this quilt. Wools, hand embroidery, and buttons make this a truly unique piece of art, and the quilting brings the whole thing to life.

 tall vases

54.5” x 52.5”

All these batting-backed flowers were hand-appliqued by Kim in this version of Tall Vases. They stand, three stems high each, in various white, taupe, and black vases; with their lovely puffiness, they give the quilt an amazing texture. The gorgeous quilting can be seen on the flannel back, elegant as anything.

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