Starry Night Hollow

 Little Red Riding Hood

54” x 81”

A red-cloaked girl walks through the forest as a strange man follows behind her. She is calm, though, and even smirks — does she know the stranger’s secret?

Little Red is an early quilt of Kim’s that excellently displays her brilliant use of color and the fantastic way she mixes media. The quilting cotton is augmented by yarn, acrylic paint, tulle, Angelina fibers, and silk. From the way the clouds trail to the growth patterns of the trees, this quilt is unequivocally Kim. A 4” pocket along the back makes this quilt easy to hang from a quilt rod.

 feline frenzy

45” x 51.5”

An incredibly vibrant rendition of one of Kim’s most beloved patterns, Feline Frenzy. Each cat has wool features and a unique color scheme as they pose for this family portrait. Kim’s own fabrics are well represented, and many other discontinued fabrics as well. The back is flannel and the mice have three-dimensional ears.

 Lapins de le dans bois

57” x 62.5”

Nine bunnies run through a flower-filled, checkerboard forest. One of Kim’s own fabrics makes up the background, and the backing fabric as well, and Kaffefills the majority of the res.t Kim’s vivacious quilting adds energy to the quilt, and her attention to detail can be seen in her appliqué stitches throughout.


57” x 70”

Tim Holtz and Kaffe make up the predominant fabrics in this gorgeous version of Steampunk’d. Everything is warm-toned and soft-shaded, and it’s just too easy to get lost in the pattern of the quilting.Kim’s Starry Night Dazzles, used to appliqué each circle, add a touch of shine and interest to this quilt.


18.5” x 23.5”

A woman stands facing some distant scenery in Spring, protecting herself from the inclement weather. The mini quilt has plenty of precious details — the wool coat with three of the tiniest buttons ever, the floral motifs in the quilting, the umbrella lines radiating from that shiny black button. The colors truly evoke a rainy spring morning, blue-green plants wet with the rain, and bright clothes peeking out between the leaves.


18.5” x 23.5”

A red-lipped, elegant woman takes a dive in Kim Rado’s Summer. Her bathing suit is of velvet, her hair wool, and the water sparkles around her with tiny jewels. She is surrounded by the bright colors that summer holds — pinks, yellows, and aquas. The pool water is one of the fabrics Kim designed herself from her Graffetti line.


18.5” x 23.5”

Fall features everything good about the best season of the year — beautiful, rich colors, celebrating the holidays, an autumn full moon, and, of course, seeing witches fly through the air every night. This mini art quilt has velvets and hand-appliqued pieces, plus a hand-painted face.

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