Starry Night Hollow


Dare to Color Outside the Lines


a California fiber arts studio

Starry Night Hollow was founded by artist, designer, author, and fiber artist Kimberly Rado in 2005. She opened Starry Night Hollow Design Studio in 2007 in a charming cottage-style house in Encinitas, California. The goals of the studio were to inspire all types of quilters to “color outside the lines”, be a part of a nurturing and support group of like-minded people, and leave them looking forward to coming back.

After 7 years in the cottage, and with her original designs being sold in over 8 different countries, the space was sadly out-grown. The studio moved to a larger location in Solana Beach, California, where although the focus remained the same, the studio now had a larger space to accommodate the classes going on each week. In that studio for 5 years, with a regular and loyal following, it became clear that to do the thing she loved the most — designing — Kim needed to move to a more exclusive space and sell all the retail on-line.

We have spent a great deal of time, energy, and love to create a website that captures the essence of the legacy we have created. While the studio still has classes twice a week, Kim now spends more time designing the pieces her followers know and love. She also teaches all over the world and exhibits at 3-4 shows per year.